Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Search and Read the Book of Books on Google Desktop

Books can help us gain a lot of knowledge in various fields. For those of you who spend most time on the internet, then Google Books can be your reference to read a book.Google Books provides a huge collection of books that you read Dapa.
Reading the book from the desktop will be more comfortable than denan read in the browser, then you can use a free application for reading books in google books with GooReader.
GooReader is a small application that can be used to find a book from Google Books and read them from the desktop. This application has a paid version and free version. One additional and important feature and is available in the paid version is a feature to create PDF files from the book that you like.
GooReader easy to use and provides a search field that can be used to find books according to titles. The interface is attractive with books search results displayed as if on a bookshelf.Book search results that appear are marked with different colors to determine the types of books.