Sunday, December 12, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts To Facebook

Up a list of keyboard shortcuts own for easy navigation on this site, easier to use some combination of buttons rather than using a mouse or trackpad to open the menu that we want, I should mention that this list may vary slightly depending on the browser you use, here are some keyboard shortcuts for most common facebook

Create Shortcut Using Laptop Touchpad
ALT 0 - open a help page (help center)
ALT 1 - open the home page (Home)
ALT 2 - Viewing your profile
ALT 3 - Seeing notification friend requests (pending friend requests)
ALT 4 - Displays incoming messages (messages recent)
ALT 5 - featuring the latest notification
ALT 6 - open account settings menu
ALT 7 - Choosing a search box / Select Privacy Settings menu
ALT 8 - Displaying page facebook fan page
ALT 9 - Opening page Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

As I mentioned earlier from the Shortcuts to facebook function depends on the browser you use, I nggunakan google chrome to test, and functioning properly.
If you are using firefox, try adding the shift key combinations, for example: to open your home page press the Alt Shift 1
And for users of Internet Explorer you must press the enter key after pressing the 3 key combination as mentioned above