Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Software Free Fix Problems Internet Connection / Network

When there is a problem with internet or network connection, sometimes we are often confused. Understandably, because such problems are sometimes not easily solved, though berbaga I've tried to do. If we experience tesebut, there is a free software that we can try, namely the Internet Complete Repair .
Free software and also portable serves reset, restore (restore factory settings), clean (clear) and also some feature improvements (repair) the computer associated with the network / internet other.
Some features include:

  • Reset Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)
  • Repair Winsock (Reset Catalog)
  • Renew Internet Connections
  • Flush DNS resolver cache
  • Clear Windows Update History
  • Repair Windows / Automatic Updates
  • Reset the Windows Firewall configuration
  • Repair SSL / HTTPS / Cryptography
  • Restore the default hosts file
  • View Workgroup Computer Repair
When will this software useful for us? This software makers to write some of the problems can be fixed with these tools, such as:
  • Internet or network problems after antivirus program or security to remove adware, spyware, viruses , worms, trojan horses etc.
  • Lost network connection after installing or uninstalling adware, spyware, antisam, vpn, firewall or other network programs
  • Can not access web pages or just be able to access some websites only
  • Error message appears with the statement that the network (network) problem
  • There is no network connection because of registry errors
  • problems with DNS (Domain name system)
  • Failed (fail) when will fix (repair) the IP address or other DHCP error
  • Konektivias network problem with the message information: limited or no connections
  • Windows Update does not run
  • when in trouble to access the website with security such as internet banking
  • Internet explorer always error (crash)
  • Other network problems
Its use is pretty easy, just select the problems faced then click Go . What you may not be easy is to find the root problems that occur with our computer system and which options should be selected to improve network connection. Just tips, general selection 2,3 and 4 can be selected to improve if the network connection / internet problems. The first option can also be added, but we note the first IP configuration (if the settings are set manually) just in case.
One thing to note is that also use this software in case of problems with internet connection / network only. If the network or Internet connection is running normally (no problem), then we do not need to use this software .
If there is a problem with internet connection and not sure which option to choose, please share it by writing the comments below, and hopefully can get a response or resolution of other colleagues.
Download Complete Internet Repair (433 KB)