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4 Ways to download book on google books using Google Book Downloader, Chahe browser, ClickBook and Greasemonkey Script GBD +

With advances in technology, then access the information more easily, and various materials, ebooks, papers, journals, articles, information can be obtained free of charge with only with an internet connection. One site that provides free books on the internet is google books. There may be among friends who struggle to download the book in google books, there are several ways you can do to download the ebook from google book. 

There are several ways download ebooks on google books. Namely:
1. By using free software like Google book downloader
2. By utilizing the internet browser cache, such as Firefox or Internet explorer
3. By using greasemonkey and google book downloader user script
4. Using Tools clickbook
Want to know how it all?? A View Yupz We individually ...
USE GOOGLE BOOK == == Downloader

1. Google book downloader Install software on your computer, if not have to download here  Google Book Downloader
If your Windows XP operating system, then you must first install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1Download here
Panduan lengkapnya bisa dilhat disini
If your operating system Windows 7 then this software can be directly run (because Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is already integrated in Windows 7)
2. Go to site google book select one book to be downloaded
In this example I use the link: # v = onepage & q & f = false
3. Run a Google Book Downloader application, enter the code book
Code books can be viewed in your browser's address bar
for example: # v = onepage & q & f = false
The code book is the code that is between the letters? Id = and & pg =, so in this example the code book is wyw2Oaqo-1AC
In the book code enter the code book. For example: wyw2Oaqo-1AC
Click the Check button
4. If successfully downloaded, it will look like under this progress;
At the weblogs will appear retrieving xxxxxxx bytes ... ....
In the Received'll look the size of data to be downloaded in byte size
After the check is finished, click the button Download All, then click the save button entire book as .

The duration of the download book on google books depend on the large files to be downloaded, many users who download the ebook in the same time, and speed of Internet connection used.
Results downloadtan on this application can be saved as a pdf, but there is usually a blank page, because there are some pages that deliberately not addressed by the publisher. for example the book is 150 pages, maybe 50 blank pages, 100 are fully charged, but when downloaded will be downloaded 150 pages, blank pages are also downloaded. The page is blank when in the preview on google books must be downloaded when the page is blank. So the contents of a book that looks at dipreview will be the same result with the downloaded.

At this opportunity I will demonstrate to download google book using the browser cache.Browsers that happened to me this time is to use mozilla firefox. If agan2 use another browser works the same way ... Be happy kug J. Oke dech do not need most direct way aja yach ..
1. Clear the browser's temporary file for later playback ebook files to be downloaded does not mix with other temporary files in the directory firefox cache storage. If you have difficulty cleaning the temporary files firefox nich how.
- Press ctrl + shift + del, or click on tools / tools> clear the recent history will be displayed like the image below. Select time period Today / today's. Then click clearnow / clear now.
2. Go to Google Book site, select a book to be downloaded. Can see the example below the book "How the Internet Works"
wait until all open pages perfectly, can use the scrollbar to scroll to other pages.
After all open pages perfect, then the Firefox browser will automatically save files containing images (screenshots) of the book in its cache
3. To see a screenshot of these files can take the following steps.
- On the Menu bar firefox, select tools> Information pages> media tab
- Select the picture then click the Save as / save the name
- Specify the folder to save and name. Suggestions hell his name is sort ya like 001.jpg 002.jpg ff ato others are important Ntar can finally know the order of pages.
After everything is stored and downloaded you can open the folder where you store image files. then open it in the image viewer software such as MS Paint, Irfanvew, or acdsee
Note: With this method the browser cache, the resulting file will shape the image file to be a page 1 picture.

== USING USER Greasemonkey GOOGLEBOOK Downloader SCRIPT ==
Now with this method using a java script method that would detect the file preview images on google downloader, so halaman2 tersebuat can be downloaded with one click. This method can only be done by using mozilla firefox browser you know ... The others are not able. Okay immediately wrote yaw .. J
1. Open your Firefox, then you install Greasemonkey addons, click the Add to Firefox Click Here tuk download
2. Click Install Now, then GreaseMonkey will be installed in your Firefox. When finished installing (only briefly kok, ga sampe 1 hour). Restart your Firefox will ask (your computer needs to participate in the restart ga hehehee ..).
3. Then Firefox will return Running (appears) and note on Bottom Right Corner. Did you see the picture below, if yes means GreaseMonkey already terisntal.

4. Add Google Book Downloader script, Download Here, then Click Install
5. Then will come out popup, and click Install again.
All preparations for Downloading already finished installed. Then it's time trial
How to use:
1. Open URL ebook that you downloaded. Eg 101 Tips And Tricks BlogspotBy Dominic & Matamaya Viking Studio (just examples)
2. Notice in the left pane, click the Download This Book, Then will come out choice Download from page: if you want to download all the select start from the top. Then Click Download

3. More and more the number of page Ebook, will take time to bring up the download link to all of them. Wait until the exit Popup Done.
5. To download it, you right click the link above. Open New Tab.
6. Then it will open in a new tab an image of the ebook. Then Select File - Save Page As. To give the name of the file, just give that number later ebook files sequentially and ease of reading.
Do no.5 step for all the links on no.4 until all the parts of the ebook downloaded.
Note: The ebook will be downloaded image files (JPG) so it can not copy and paste the text contents of the ebook.
Using Click Book == ==
If you are looking for other tools that can download Google's Book and can be printed with good quality tools ClickBook is probably the best solution, unfortunately this tool does not free alias paid and the price is quite amazing (very expensive) around $ 49.95.For more details click on the official website ClickBook

Thank you, If there are less obvious questions please love comments