Friday, March 18, 2011

Fill flash with pirates rob v2.0

You have a friend who really do not want to copy your data ... ????? Do not worry, you can lend Pc / Laptop you to him and he possess all the files will be yours ...! How can I,, Yuupss .. We rob him,, hehehe .. Akh Seriuuuss ..!!!
Like its title, rob Software is a program that can be used to hijack tuhuannya or copy any data content in the flash by itself that is connected to the computer, where all the files in flasdisk will be copied into the hard drive in a directory that has been set .. How it works very easy, you just activate the program and select the folder where the robber to keep a copy and activate the Rampoknya Program. And wait until there is an embedded flash on the computer and unwittingly copied the contents of the flash is already on the computer. The contents of flasdisk will not change and no terdelete. This program is not exactly a virus, because these programs aim to retrieve data without the consent of the owner flasdisk flash. Hehee 

Be careful to use the flash on people's computers, check whether there are programs on their computers robbers, if not then all your personal documents will be read by them.
Features === rob v 2 what ???=== aja
The second robber had additional facilities such as:
1. Using the username and password (used to close the application and disable the program work.)
2. Can startup programs when the computer is turned on.
3. Using the buttons on / off button to activate and deactivate the program work.
4. Can choose the folder address and name of the folder that will be used to accommodate the copy_an.
5. Rampok.exe not appear in the tasklist processes in task manager while running.
6. GUInya undetectable copying process.
=== Weaknesses === rob Software
Oh yes .. one weakness of this software is its icon in taksbar striking windows. And another thing, because this software is protected by a password when the enable or disable .. there are tricks to find out the password if we forget or not know the password.It is very easy .. you just need to find a file named mdb.ini in C: \ WINDOWS \ system32.dan in there there is a username and password.
In addition, if more apesnya FD klo temen we robbed the data contains file2 Virus ato auto wah besar2 Pilm2 which will add to our Full HD (for those who Hdnya little).
But, it could not hurt you to try this software .. and should not be used for evil ya ..