Sunday, May 29, 2011

Format Hard Disk Clean Up

In contrast to the previous article discussed kaskot blog about restoring data from hard drives terfomat. This time for those of you who intend to menjula computer hard drive along with a good ideado format harddsik until clean .

This was done to avoid things like unwanted data your personal data falling into the hands of others, because even if you delete data and Fle is, or format using the default Windows the normal way, there is the possibility of data and data may be restored using recovery software hard disk.

Here's a blog kaskot provide some software that you can use to format the hard drive clean, so less likely to return for his data.
Format Software for Windows Disk Clean Up

1. SDelete
SDelete is a program that can overwrite free space on the disk so it is not possible to restore data from disk.

To remove the hard drive using Sdelete can be done via the command prompt by typing the following command: sdelete-z C: (you can change the drive C in accordance with the wish formatted hard disk drive).

2. Eraser
Eraser is a free software that memiiki size of 8.75 Mb, which has the same function SDelete

However Eraser you can use without having to go to a command from a command prompt, making it easier for those who do not understand denan CMD commands on Windows.