Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Application Can Open Many File Formats - 75 +

If you want to open Ms Word then you must install Office first, wanted to open a pdf file with pdf reader it must be installed first. Software Maybe this one will resolve the issue.

     * Google Docs Supports 12 New File Formats

When you do not want to install many programs that are not too widely used and need only to look at it a while then, you can use Free Opener.
Free Opener
Free Opener adalah software yang mendukung lebih dari 75 format file populer seperti: JPEG, TXT, PSD, WMV, PDF, DOC, BMP, JS, XLSM, WA, AVI, DOCX, ZIP, JAR, XML, HTML, XLS, HTM, GIF, MSG, NEF, TIFF, SWF, 7Z, PHP, XLSX, MKV, FL, JPG, MOV, MP4, ICO, REG, DNG, ARW, MID, ORF, RAF, PEF, RESX, CF2, ERF, MEF, MRW, SR2, X3 CR2, CRW, LOG, PNG, CS, INI, MPEG, MPG, CSS, MP3, CFG dan banyak lagi.

     * Adding a File Format in Folders MKV Video IDM

Free Opener is the easiest way to open files without having to install any other software. This is very useful to view Office documents as they may not be installed on all computers.

This application can also be used as a code viewer that supports the C programming language, Java, HTML and others. A complete list of supported formats can be found