Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Download Unlimited Files Directly in Rapidshare

Automatic downloads from Rapidshare, Megaupload and more. The best way to handle the download and increase download speed

Rapidshare is still widely used compared to other file sharing sites. In past articles I have contributed Fast Downloads in Rapidshare FilesHere I will write how to download from rapidshare for direct and free. One of the biggest weaknesses of using rapidshare is you have to wait for 30 seconds before proceeding to download the file and no limit on the number of files you can download per day. You must agree that manually downloading from RapidShare as free user Very annoying. But you can use a download manager rapidshare to remove these limitations and automatically download rapidshare file the form. Using a download managerbisa added many download links all of which will be stored and processed one after another. You still need to wait for a timeout and countdowns everyone, but you do not have to sit in front of your computer to do that. Here I want to show you the 10 Best Free Download Manager that will do the job for you.

List of Top 10 Free Software Download Manager Rapidshare:

1. JDownloader Rapidshare downloader

This is one of the best download manager Rapidshare. This is a free download manager application that supports downloading multiple files at the same time. This also supports the captcha recognition, automatically file extraction and works well to for a free account and premium users. There are several options that need explanation though before you can start menggunakannya.Setelah open the application you need to run JDownloader.jar file to begin installation where you select a download location for files. The file will automatically be updated during the setup as well.
Please Download Here:
JDownloader Rapidshare downloader
      Do not Forget to Choose a type operating system you use this time 

2. FlashGet

FlashGet can split downloaded files into sections, downloading each section simultaneously, to increase download speed from 100% to 500%. This, coupled with FlashGet which strengthen and features an easy to use management, helping you take control of your downloads like never before. Uses MHT (Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) technique, supports various protocols and has document management features are very good. FlashGet is a freeware without any adware or spyware.
Please download here

3. Orbit Downloader 

Orbit Downloader is a download manager specifically designed for new generation Web (Web 2.0). You can use Orbit to download video / music / files from Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, and Rapidshare, or on any site to make general downloading easier and faster. Fast, easy to use and very light, Orbit Downloader is a competitive alternative to all the browser integrated download manager.
Please Download here
Orbit Downloader

4. RapGet Download Manager

RapGet (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code to share servers, including:,, and others. With this you can automatically download more than 68 free share services. It supports simultaneous downloads, and some language.
Please Download Here
RapGet Download Manager

5. Cryptload Manager 

Cryptload Downloader allows you to download from One-Click-hosters such as and from regular websites with ease. It supports parallel download, the download section, the automatic router-back, captcha recognition, Clipboard monitoring for fast link adding and automatic extraction of downloaded archives.
Please Download here
CryptLoad Manager

6. Rapidshare Auto Downloader 

A freeware rapidshare downloader with proxy support which allows you to download files from RapidShare automatically. Url load and wait for them to download, you can also scan files to check whether it is free from viruses and closes automatically after the download is complete.
Here are some key features of "Auto Rapidshare Downloader:

* Ownload a bunch of links from rapidshare (one by one)
* Download the complete download up all the links are downloaded.
* Autoshutdown features
* Load and save your download list.
Please Download Here
Rapidshare Downloader Otomatis
7. Free Download Manager 

Rapidshare Auto Downloader is a download file internet download manager that supports file Rapidshare with traffic control to regulate the use and schedule downloads. This can speed up downloading several acquisitions by splitting files into small pieces, then download this simultaneously.
Please Download Here 
Free Download Manager

8. Rapidshare Plus 

Rapidshare Plus is not cheating on rapidshare, because it does not pass through the timer, imposed on free users, for content downloads.Rather it makes life simpler for the user is free, for managing multiple downloads from rapidshare automatically. It also lets you know the status of the download, by way of progress bar.
Features Automatic Rapidshare File downloader Rapidshare plus:

* You can Add / Remove a number of Download File Links
* You can add the proxy server settings
* Start or Stop Download Process (No Resume Option yet available)
* Displays file download progress and over progress bar
* Time Remaining and Time passes
* Applies Download Speed
Please Download here
Rapidshare Plus

9. RS downloader G Rap It 

G Rap is a work developed by Kakomira RapidShare downloader that allows you to enter a number Rapidshare URL and will download files but NOT the same one-to-one (download one file from RapidShare and queue the rest of the file). A useful utility for those who download large files as free user!
Please Download here
G Rap Hal RS downloader

10. Raptor Download Manager 

Raptor is a download manager for Rapidshare, Letitbit, Deposit file hosting services. This program will automate the user is free to download, you have to do is just enter all your links and click Start. Raptor will do the rest for files you can todownload.
Please Download here Download here Please
Raptor download manager
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