Thursday, September 23, 2010

How To Play Emulators Playstation 1 and 2 (PS1 and PS2) at Maximum Computer PC Over and Easy

I want to share this joy with all readers. coincidence college friends were happy to play PS1, coz I think is so cool! For those you who want to play PS1 games on your pc or laptop computer can use the emulator. Play ps1 on pc not eat too much memory, this application is very light and need not be installed. This application is called with the PS1 emulator, type the best emulator for the PS1 in my opinion is PSX1 V1.13, because no need to use the plugin. To be able to use this emulator, you must prepare his bios files, then the emulator can run with the first display like we normally play at PS1

Here I want to give references to the best settings for PS1 emulator. Required:

1. PSX emulator v1.1.3. PS1 + Bios
You can download it here udha including bios just extract and play live. I love his latest bios PS1 version and is expected to increase the level of emulation process to be the best.. . Download the program HERE
2. it is certain PS1 CD.
3. Nero CD Tools or the like. The alternative could also be mengginakan CDBurnerXP or daemon or power iso. important could be to create the cd image and created virtual cd image as well.Yummy's game from the CD already in make ISO / CD image. let it load fast and durable CD drive.This is to create an image file. Image file that means the files are compressed and stored in a CD into the drive. Dafadh saved as an ISO or NRG files or also the son. So do not make a damaged CD or DVD.
4. Game Pad. aka stcik
Byar even more extreme. klo not have also not PA2. tuk forced not to buy. Because the keyboard can also pakek
Now how do I play?? easy for once I love a little preview of how co-star
1. extrack once you download the results earlier. then open the file appears like this psxfin.exe later

2. Well Then, how not exit the game? Yes prepare before the game and create a CD input imagenya CD.

Now it's ... to other settings can be configured in File> Configuration
The requirements minimum Then what?
Yes like the other mini-game emulator on your PC Namely RequirementsMinimum Pentium 3WindowXP OS / Linux / UbuntuVGA 16 mbJoystiek two units (the keyboard is also not what)Memory 256 mbMinimum 5 GB hard drive for storing several game CDs file2 Image
Okay Good luck ... Have a nice yawwe Games ... ... ...!
FOR UPDATE ========================= =============== Emulator PS 2
Well as many of these requests on how to play PS2 games on a computer emulator by the friends I made this ... Let's Check it out!
Have you previously been thought to play your favorite Playstation 2 games on PC? Or if you do not intend to buy a PS2 console but have a computer and want to try to play it on your computer? as you know, computers are designed to perform multiple roles of certain devices such as vcd / dvd, mp3, recorder, etc. certainly not impossible to use as a tool to play ps 2 games. Now the question is how?
For you fans of the PS2, maybe this is a practical way to utilize your computer to play PS2.because here we only need one application to be able to run it (PCSX2 Emulator). Why I chose pcsx2? Well for me this emulator to run easy way to stay extrack aka really easy and play.Easy right??
in this application is required spec gaming computer tinggi.agar you run will go well, where Lho its download PCSX2? okay I love biosnya link for free ... its delicious ... and you can download an application at the side links. DOWNLOAD PCSX2 + BIOS FULL 

I explain how to use the following: 
1. first extract the files you have downloaded earlier, then open the application or if you can not pcsx2.exe pcsx2t.exe (non VM version). 
2. after that click on config and click configure. 
3. The next configuration menu will appear,, here you have to setup plugins directorynya.plugins even that's available in a folder that you extract this. 
4. then you also have to setup the bios directory, the bios that was also already available in the folder that you extract this.
 5. if it is, now just click OK. 
6. PlayStation 2 DVD now staying put, then stay select RUN DVD menus.
Klo do not want to run from the DVD can also be ... The way to live and create a DVD image stored on your hard drive so do not need to insert the DVD (DVD so we are more durable).

Here is the specification of the computer that can play the game properly ps2Processor: Intel Pentium dual-core processors or aboveRAM: at least 1GB (for XP), 2GB (remedy Vista)VGA: min 256MB (nVidia / ATI Radeon)Actually with pentium4, RAM512, VGA128 been able to play but I never tried the old PC and the results are somewhat disappointing that is stagnant stagnant But sometimes the video can still be played.
PS1 Memory Card Problems
1. Open without a load PSX games, continue to open the file and config. Choose the tab memory cards. Later in the slot of an existing sign, select and after open type the name in memory that would create, ex: and its ok then the file format (. Bin). After that exit psxnya. So also for slot 2 but with a different memory card.PSX open-config-> memory cards-> ... -> memory-> ok-> close PSX
2. Now open the game ps without load, wait until the display showing a memory card and cd player. Select your memory card so that we make this file readable by the system of art. after open the lid again (select exit).
3. The latter, go to the games would be played and select reset for the system to be repeated from the first.We hope to help a friend.
Yes've all gotta go. later if you want to request or questions please write in the comments field, later Insha Allah I answered. Thanks. Always share with ... Each other.

Another alternative to use the emulator ePSXe .... 
Download it here:
Then, if mw his ISO files search directly here:  (try to be a member can be used to let her see all the lists)