Monday, September 13, 2010

LOCALCOOLING: Software Energy Saving Cooling and Computers

LOCALCOOLING: Software Computers Energy Saving Cooling and one mandatory software that Kalin had. Computers and laptops that we commonly use today is one that provides an important enough role causes of global warming. Computers and laptops generate heat and also spent large amounts of power, the impact is so energy consumption increase.
The latest innovation from one of these software developers is a power management tool that helps conserve resources by lowering the power of your PC when not in use.
LocalCooling is a software to save power and energy and laptop computers and even up to 50%. More precisely, the energy dioptomisasikan. Offers several advantages over the standard Windows power manager, as well as an overview of computers and laptops, the estimated use of electricity, and statistical reports showing how much power there is stored all the time.


This program can automatically turn off the monitor, turn off your PC or hibernate after so many minutes without activity, and also offers the option to terminate certain shutdown if the program is running or shutdown at a certain time of day. Important features among others:
  • Save energy from our PC, 20% - 50%
  • We can control the power mode that we want, between Low, Medium, and High
  • Shows how far we save energy, since we installed this software
  • Shows the energy needed by the individual components of our computers, for example, need a few watts of monitors, fans need a few watts, etc..