Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knowing How to Chat Offline In FB

That is Knowing How's friends on Facebook who intentionally to the Status Offline Chat online, or a fancy term that isHow to Find a Friend The Invisible But pretend Offline on Facebook.For Yahoo Messenger's swing has many manual, well now let's play in the FB and anyone who's our friend pretended offline.Possible Mania facebookers pal has Read how offline the FB Chat, and feel I need not discuss here.Okay Let's Start, please follow the steps following steps:

First Steps
Before you add a Script Online FB, you must first add the GreasemonkeyThe Greasemonkey add-on will let you install code Online FB. Get the Greasemonkey add-on, make sure when it was in the Install There Pictures monkeys in the lower right of the screen.WHEN ARE Install Please Skip This Step Simply Second stepPlease Install Greasemonkey by clicking the link below:

Firefox Users Click Here
Click Add to Firefox
 After you Finish the Restart Firefox

IE users Never Disappointed ...
Click Here For  IE Users
Click on Download Free
When finished restart your IE

Step Two
Please Go Here To Install button code is 
After heading back pages Click Install Install And Wait some time until the install process is complete.
Please Go and try Facebook AccountLater my friend would look like Figure The indicators below:


Online Now left side shows anyone Performer Offline Now None of Friends pal who will be able to hide
To Restore Normal Please Go Again like Firefox or IE Menu Then Click on the Tools Find it So Greasemonkey Remove Check Disable.