Monday, June 21, 2010

Dell D600 Laptop 1.6ghz 40gb DVD/CDRW B Grade Includes Genuine

The Latitude D600 is designed for users who require maximum performance in a mainstream notebook. Even with its thin & light design, the D600 doesn’t skimp on performance offering the ideal blend of power and efficiency using the Intel® Pentium® M processors and the ATI® Mobility Radeon 9000 video chipset. The D600 offers Intel Pentium Mobile Technology featuring the Pentium M processor, Wireless MiniPCI card. B grade may have screen impressions, red tint at boot and other defects such as hair line cracks, missing feet and/or doors.
Dell D600 Laptop 1.6ghz 40gb DVD/CDRW B Grade Includes Genuine XP Professional restore cd!


  • 1.4 GHZ CPU, WIFI. 512 MB Ram
  • 40 GB Hard Drive. DVD Drive
  • XP with Genuine Reinstall Cd

User Reviews

First off, very poor packing in that it was in a flimsy box...with...crumpled up brown paper.

Second, seller restores all his second hand computers with Windows xp service pack 3. Well that is great, seriously great. The down side is...he ships it with a windows xp service pack 2 recovery disk! Leads to a lot of potential problems. Basically as soon as you get the computer, restore it with your XP SP2 cd. The thing is!!!! First download all your drivers online to a thumb drive or cd if possible, or else...your done for. Don;t know what I am talking about? Then never buy one of these!

Used computers in general are not for the computer beginner to intermediate, a serious background in knowledge is needed for some of the subtler things that come up unexpected. I'm talking about more than just inserting a disk. Especially if you are going to add office, or other software, or even have to type in a foreign language. Take my advice, don;t buy from him UNLESS YOU ARE VERY very very good with computers and troubleshooting them. Serious, this is not an angry review to "ruin" him, it's the facts and good advice, I hope you will take and avoid lost time and money, most importantly stress.

Now drive worked the first evening I got the computer. Next day, running my software fine and...*chirp* *slow scan* *chirp* *dead silence....ok the drive went dead!!! So...I go and buy an external dvd/cd drive, another $60. What was a seemingly fair deal turned out to just be, "you get what you pay for". A little suspect that the drive works for a few hours and then dies. Not making accusations that he is a crook, however he does have to make a profit somewhere. Sold me junk, I could have got off a popular auction site for about $30, I thought Amazon would have some integrity as it is sold through them...guess I was wrong. Buyer beware.

Overall would rather buy from someone else, however, with some tweaking and a lot of know how, this being the second day, I think I have things worked out. All this seller does is buy used laptops off the internet, set them up with an SP3 back-up disk he has and ship them out to you...for better or for worse....

This was the worst computer I have ever boughten! I couldn't configurate it on the day I bought it. It was SO FRAGILE. The DVD drive was broken and looked like it had been glued together. If you tilted it the drive would fall out! The screen cracked the next day when I sat it "gently" on the table. Im so displeased with this computer. I'm not even going to return it, for fear that someone will glue it together and sell it to another innocent consumer. Very poor quality. I might report this site to YahooNews so that the world can know that it is a SCAM. You can keep your measly $200, Amazon. -- The Worst Deal yet
This was a great laptop for the price. Super fast shipping! It was shipped the same day I bought it! I was a bit disappointed because there was not a restore CD like was listed in the title but other than that I would recommend this seller! -- Great Product for the Price
Dont get me wrong, this is a great computer and works fine. It just isnt the right computer for me. This computer is just for casual web surfing and file transfer type things, not games or (big) downloads or anything like that. If thats all you do, the I recommend this computer for you. If you have any type of problem, customer service WILL help you, they are great and helped me the same day, within one hour. -- Not for me
Don't waste your time spend a hundred dollars more for a much better machine.They sent a recovery disk without a product key.You would do better to build your own with parts of other machines than to buy from these people.
I will never make apurchase with them,again -- dell