Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Venice, Italy

Venice is found to the north of Italy, and has a population of approximately 271,500 - relatively large for the size of the city! Venice is considered as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy and is sometimes called "The Queen of the Adriatic" or "City of Light".
Venice is divided into six different areas: "Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco, Dosoduro, San Polo and Santa Croce.
The city has a moderate temperature range with the coldest months of the city beginning in November and remaining until the end of February. Nights tend to be much cooler and Venice receives most of the rainfall during this season. During summertime in Venice, temperatures can reach as high as 30 degrees centigrade.
Most of the transport in Venice used to be boats but now these boats are replaced by water buses which are now the most popular and common form of transport for locals and visitors alike.
Italy, said to be the birth place of culture for Europe, Venice is host to whole load of cultural festivals and traditions. The most famous and anticipated of which has got to be the "Carnival of Venice". It comes one time in a year and is basically a dance and gathering of people. The people contributing in the carnival of Venice wear traditional masks and costumes.
Following on from the history of culture that Venice is famous for, music and entertainment is also very big here too. The city's night life stands out among the different city's of Italy.
A very complex and compact city, there are few parks and open grounds but as the city is very rich in history Venice has a number of museums which are very popular with tourists. The museums range from history to art and some a combination of both.
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