Friday, June 25, 2010

Enchantment Queen crater of Mount Salak


Enjoying the Adventure of the Queen Crater He is in demand as natural beauty. But many travelers come to one of the natural attractions of Mount Salak was because of 'adventure' offered. Darkness began to blanket the region Ratu Crater. Without felt the cold had penetrated to the bone marrow. Blowing winds that accompany rinai rain forced the climbers on the spot to set up his tent Doom. Not to forget, they were wearing rain-coats and padded jackets to his body.
As one of the many natural attractions owned Gunung Salak, Ratu Crater which lies at an altitude of 1338 meters above sea level it offers the freshness. Temperatures ranging from 10-24 degrees Celsius, always make the cold air becomes an integral part of its natural environment. Moreover, this place often touched by rain in the evening.
These are among others that made the difference with two other craters in the region has an area of approximately 30 hectares is: Crater Crater Dead Dead I and II. Although the two craters, which are now no longer active it also has nearly the same height: Crater Dead I, which is north of Crater Queen, about 1330 meters, while the crater of the Dead II, which is located in the south, about 1335 meters
Located north of the city of Bogor, the presence of these craters are not foreign to the citizens of Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Greater Jakarta). Even the number of tourists from abroad are also interested to visit it. The goal was varied. Than just relax enjoying the beauty of nature that for the purposes of treatment.
"In addition to providing peace, this place has a beauty that is rarely encountered in my place," said Rolf, a tourist from England who has twice this menyambangi Ratu Crater. "And I am very happy here, because the beauty of the crater."
Queen's crater has a unique attraction for any visitors. Its main attraction, among other things geological activity. All day kepundannya always boil and remove acid gases sulfide (H2S) with the stinging smell. And sometimes, this crater rumbling noises caused by bursts of hot water vapor to form fog.
But not only that the craters attractiveness Cidahu territory, Sukabumi, this. Cikuluwung watershed that crosses over one kilometer crater that was offered another view. The water is so clear, make clear the riverbed. Greenish yellow color due to deposits of sulfur to make such a beautiful river bottom Cikuluwung enjoyed.
However, the basic beauty of the river is not the only one charmer of our visitors to spend their time in order to enjoy it. Another charmer is the water temperature was tepid. So the river is the main choice for visitors to soak. Moreover, the river water containing sulphide acids is believed to cure various kinds of skin diseases.
That is why is not it weird when you see dozens of people who bathe in the river Cikaluwung. Such sights are becoming more common for visitors Crater Queen. Devotees, ranging from parents to children. They are all taking the time to soak into the river that it was about 50 cm.
"Good for the treatment of river water. Especially for skin diseases. If I'm here, I always bath, 'said Grace, a man from Jakarta who has been the third time in this place. And this time, he said, he and four of his colleagues took special time to soak in the river this Cikuluwung.
Cikaluwung headwaters located in the region of Mount Sumbel. Flowing stream as far as eight kilometers to the southwest. Thousand Curug, which became one of the natural attractions in the area of Mount Salak, the flow of water from the river this Cikaluwung. This river width varies between three to seven meters.
Though the Queen is still active crater, but did not disrupt the life of the plant vegetation in the region. Several plant species can apparently still alive, among them the plant Romogiling (Sceferra actinophylla). Shaped leaves are somewhat rounded tip. This vegetation is dominant plants adorn the crater. While several other woody trees look dead due charred crater activity. And as part of the natural forest area of Mount Salak, Ratu Crater was classified as a heterogeneous forest. So cool air are felt natural.
However, it is very unfortunate if this natural asset management is not serious. In fact, the queen was impressed abandoned crater. This is seen from so much garbage strewn around the crater area of the Queen. In fact, information boards that read "No Camping in the crater area" were not spared from graffiti hands of ignorant visitors. Similarly fate stones embedded in the edge of the River Cikaluwung. As a result, natural beauty - should - be able to amaze visitors looked bleak heart.
Ketidakseriusan government in managing the area as a tourist attraction Ratu crater also appears from the absence of guidelines on the crater. In fact, every end who wish to enter this area must be reached in his pocket to pay the levy. To rise to the crater for example, each visitor is charged Rp 4000. This tariff consists of fees for visits to Cidahu amounted to USD 2,000. And plus the cost of USD 2000 per night camping. Assumption officer, any visitor who climbed into the crater immediately ascertained pitch a tent.
Due to the absence of such guidelines, information about the origin of Crater became Queen became indistinct. In fact, such information is very effective to siphon more visitors, as do managers of other natural attractions in the Tangkuban Perahu, Lembang, West Java.
According to Mawi, a guard in the camp Cangkuang, there officers did not know the origin of Crater Queen this. In fact they were experiencing many difficulties in the ordering behavior of the visitors who handed ignorant.
"Usually, we always give an appeal when they want to camp or ride to the crater. We always remind them not to scribble or camping around the crater. But if they still do not listen, we were hard to menindaknya, "she complained.
Crater Visitor Queen, by Mawi, it could not be ascertained amount. "But if fitted longer holiday or Saturday-Sunday, many visitors who come," he said.
According to Mawi, there are three lines that can be passed by visitors to be able to reach the crater area of the Queen. Two routes can be taken from Bogor Regency is located on the north side of Mount Salak, namely Sand Reungit and the camp of Mount Bunder. While linnya point can be reached through the camp Cangkuang, Cidahu, Sukabumi District, south of Mount Salak.
To go from Bogor Regency, you can manempuhnya from Simpang Cibatok. Then you can ride public transportation are ready to take you up to the Sand Mountain Reungit or Bunder. Whereas, if you want to Cidahu by public transportation, you can stop at Simpang Cidahu. From there you can ride public transportation to the terminal, and continue the journey to the camp Cangkuang by motorbike taxi.
On the first point, through the Sand Reungit, distance and time The journey was not as heavy as the Mount Bunder or Cidahu. Distance between the Sand Queen Reungit-crater about four kilometers and can be reached on foot for two hours. Meanwhile, through the lane and Cidahu Gunung Bunder, distance to go as far as six kilometers with three hours of travel time on foot.
If you are the adventurous nature, Cidahu path is probably the best. Because, while up and down the valley, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains in the region. Some of the path is even going to force you to climb the roots dangle in the path width is only three feet. However, with the weight of the track which passed, it turns out this place is giving the beauty of Mount Salak forest atmosphere that is so beautiful.
Here you will find a lot of river flows that sometimes the water flooded the tracks that you went through. Chirping of birds, insects denyit, and the sound of a monkey forest, still often heard, when you choose the path of this Cidahu. Meanwhile, the line of Mount Bunder in principle similar to the path through the sand Reungit. For the third mile from Mount Bunder, this line will meet at the crossing point Reungit Sand.
Beware of Pacet. Because, like any natural tourism area of Mount Salak, Ratu Crater region is also a comfortable place for life leech species that are often attached to this part of your body. If not always a routine body check, you'll be impossible not target Pacet Pacet-attached and sucking blood. For that, you'll want to bring tobacco to cope with this Pacet attack