Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Easily Change the Layout or Template to Blog on Blogger or Blogspot

Hi friends, it's based on our experience, especially for beginners who are more ma blog or bloggernya Amendment. Pingin must really make the blog or the blogger be more interesting and beautiful. Sometimes we are confused to change the layout or our template, let alone in accordance with our wishes. "Duch-Duch, the way how yach?" that's what we dipikiran occurred.
Hmmmm, .. by the way, .. To change it very easily, the first step you need to download your layout or template you want.

If you want to know a great site for downloading layout or template can click here, or there are 20 sites http://btemplates.com/ fun there below, so must have a list of sites that provide free templates, but still high quality for WordPress or Blogspot.

Free Template WordPress
1. WordPress Themes
2. Free WP Themes
3. Free WordPress Theme
4. SkinPress
5. Theme Viewer
6. Free WordPress Templates
7. Template Monster
8. Templates Browser
9. WP Skins
10. Top WP Themes
Free Template Blogspot
1. Free Blogger Templates
2. Final Sense
3. Blogger Templates
4. Planet Blog Template
5. E-blog Templates
6. Blogspot Templates
7. Blogger Free Templates
8. Blogger Buster
9. Blogger Templates
10. Jackbook.com
Premium Template Wordpress (Berbayar)
1. Premium News Theme
2. WP Remix
3. Revolution Theme
4. WordPress Themes Market
5. WP Candy

After getting the downloaded template file from you, you try to extract the file. Furthermore, the results are extracting a file with an xml document file format.
Upload the xml file Document to open the way your blog settings, click edit html, select the upload template. Next save it. then look at your blog, ... good luck.