Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tips & Tricks to Make English-Language Articles Easy Way

In the world of internet marketing, applicable law which, until now justified by many internet marketing world, namely:
Yes, more and more articles, the better the content of our sites, the more keywords that will bring traffic and visitors, the more opportunities we get the money from the business on the internet.
OK, we are equally aware that writing articles the English language is very difficult, especially if we are not accustomed to writing articles. But do not worry, now many websites that provide facilities to make it easier to write the English language articles.
Free Article Spinner
Free Article Spinner
Try it, my friends do the following simple way:

1. Go to http://ezinearticles.com and search as much as possible to other articles that were there. Of course, looking for articles that have anything to do with the theme of our website.
2. Copy and paste the article we want into the "notepad", one of the main software microsoft default on our computers. Why should the notepad? Why do not we copy it into MS Word document? We had better copy and paste into notepad, to-text hyperlinks in the article is automatically gone.
3. Notice and edit for a while, if there is an odd word or sentence. Just for a minute!
4. Go to http://www.freearticlespinner.com/. This website is very helpful at all for those of us just learning internet marketing and having trouble writing English article. By using this software, then to other articles that we'd copy and paste, can we change the structure of sentences and words, thereby becoming a different and unique.
Before you can use this software, you must first register using your e-mail address. Copy paste into http://www.freearticlespinner.com/ articles we had saved in notepad, and then we spin or change and tra .. She ... She ... ... so deh new article unique and different.
Google translate to writing articles
Google translate to writing articles

1. OK. If already now we go to http://translate.google.co.id/ # and translate this from english to german (example), then from the german translate to french (example), then translate it from french to english again. And the result, the article was even more unique and different.
2. Read and consider again whether any words or sentences are strange.
3. Pages ready to upload to our website.
Good luck  ... ....