Sunday, August 8, 2010

10 Site & Free Online Photo manipulation.

Every human being has a narcissistic nature in him, even though it is not aware of. Because they think the science of psychology, one of the basic emotional needs in human is wanting something from him who wants the show to other people to get recognition.
It is said that the word narcissistic depart from a Greek mythology. The story there is a handsome young man named Narsius who was the son of the river god, Cephissus. One day, Narcissus went to a river and fell in love with his own reflection in the water. He wanted to grab the rebound. Until finally crashing and causing her death.
Well today a lot of tools to bernarsis ria, both on the Internet or software, what more with the mushrooming of various Social Networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, Blogger.
For those of you who like bernarsis and want to manipulate your photos to make it look oh, now do not need special skills, or do not need to master Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc..Because now you can manipulate photos online.
Here's a list of sites - such photo manipulation sites:

With this site you can be installed on the Billboard advertising models, in Photos by Photographer, etc.. 

2. Create Yearbook.
 In today's all school to college already has a name Yearbook. Now you can create a yearbook containing the photos are usually your and friend - a friend of one generation become the image of you all (if desired) could be the style of type photos 50s - 2000s.

3. Famous Magazine Coverboy.
 Usually ya, so that we can face appeared on the cover of a magazine or tabloid, at least you should you have to be a Model, Artist, or successful people. So how do we who are not celebrities in order to Mampang in the famous magazine cover. The trick is only in the site: 

4. Make a photo so funny. 
This final section differs somewhat from earlier, if the sites before making the photo to look beautiful, then here would make a funny picture, just created a bad image.

5. Be Funky. 
As the name implies, this site will make your photos become more funky because it can change your photos into sketches or avatar that more trendy at the Chat n date. visit soon. Cartoonizer and Uvatar.

6. Vector Magic. 
Figure verktor now become a separate trend for the designer. For more details about the vector please read my previous posting. How do I create a vector image,  On the site you can create images verktor in an instant.

7. Polaroid photographs. 
Tau Polaroid camera is it? polaroit camera is a type of camera that can produce instant photo printing. Print results also differ from ordinary photographs, which is sort of a white frame around it and not the entire surface of the paper used. To menpatkan same impression as Polaroid, you can visit

8. Dumpr. 
On this site facilities offered enough variety, practically atuu mixtures of these sites before, not like PhotoFunia and Vector Magic. ::

9. Image Editor with diverse functions.
 which is arguably one very complete and almost all the features for editing images. This service named FlauntR :: should register here.

10. We face the other man body.
 If you ever been to a place of entertainment in jakarta you never saw a statue of a character or a place where there are holes beheading that a person can at the input of his head as if to be executed and photographed by a friend. Now you can make it with your face manaruh photos in someone's face, his sample there was a picture of Barack Obama, Louis Hamiltn, etc..
Must register on this site.
 GOOD LUCK.......