Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Know more closely Reog Ponorogo and Warok - Original Indonesian Culture

One characteristic of the cultural arts district of East Java is the art Ponorogo Reog Ponorogo.Reog, often identified with the black world, thug or hero, and also inseparable from the world of mystical and supernatural powers. Reog pembarong demonstrate courage in raising peacocks suddenly weighing approximately 50 pounds with dental bite force during the performance took place. Instruments retinue, kempul, tap, kenong, handheld, ketipung, angklung and especially salompret, voiced tone that raises pelog slendro and mystical atmosphere, unique, exotic and uplifting. One group usually consists of a Reog Warok Old, some younger Warok, pembarong and dancers Bujang Ganong and King Kelono Suwandono. Total group reog ranged from 20 to 30's people, the main role is in the hands and pembarongnya Warok.

A pembarong, should have extra strength. He must have a good jaw strength, to withstand the bite load "sudden Peacock" ie a form of a tiger's head decorated with hundreds of strands of peacock feathers that weigh two feet can reach 50 pounds during the show. Reputedly supernatural powers pembarong often used to add extra strength of this, one with how to wear nail, in the neck pembarong. To become pembarong not enough that a strong body. A pembarong also must be equipped with something called the pembarong with the revelation that is believed to be the pembarong as something very important in their lives. Without the blessed revelation, which displayed a pembarong dance will not appear graceful and pleasant to watch.However misitis pembarong perception shifted and now more rational approach is carried out.According to an elder Reog, Mbah Wo Cats "Reog action can not be ndadi. If ndadi that yes his name is not reog, it jathilan. In reog, which need not beauty. " 
Legend Story Reog Reog utilized as a means of collecting mass and an effective communication channel for the rulers at that time. Ki Ageng Mirah and then create the legendary stories about the Kingdom of Bantaranangin which most people Ponorogo trusted as history. Duke Batorokatong Moslems, also utilize this barongan to spread Islam. Lions name later changed to Reog Barongan, which comes from the word Riyoqun, which means Khusnul khatimah meaningful despite all his life wallowing in sin, but when finally awakened and devoted to God, the heavenly guarantee.Furthermore, art will continue to evolve with the times. Reog continue to retell the story of the creation story of Ki Ageng Mirah who forwarded the mouth to mouth, from generation to generation.
According to legend Reog or Barongan originated from the story of Ki Ageng Demat Suryonggalan Fleas want satiric King of Majapahit, King UB V. And the King at that time often does not meet its obligations because it is too influenced and controlled by the consort.Therefore made of leather barongan kingpin tiger (Java Tiger) who rides the peacock. The king is represented as riding a tiger while peacocks symbolizing the consort. In addition to these sindirannya safe, Ki Ageng protect it with a well-trained troops reinforced the ranks of the magic Warok mandraguna. In the reign of the Duke who ruled Ponorogo Batorokatong around 500 years ago, reog began to develop into folk art. Duke assistant named Ki Ageng reog Mirah uses to develop his power.
Reog based on several Chronicle, One of them is Kelana Sewandana Chronicle. Chronicle Klana Sewandana supposedly represents the original grip reog performing arts. Similar stories in legend Lara Bondowoso Jongrang, Klono Sewondono Chronicle also tells about the love of a king, from the Kingdom Sewondono Jenggala, which almost rejected by the Goddess of the kingdom of Kediri sanggalangit. The princess asked Sewondono to bring the entire contents of the forest to the palace as a dowry. In order to meet the demand of the princess, Sewandono must beat Forest keeper, Singa Barong (sudden peacock). But it is certainly not easy. The Warok, soldier, and governor of Jenggala also became a victim. Whip-wielding Samandiman heritage, Sewondono climb down into the arena and defeat Singobarong. Reog dance performances described by the soldiers who not only dominated the men but also women, the Warok bringasan motion, as well as fine and costume Gebyar Sewandana, the king of love seekers.

Other versions of Reog Ponorogo take Panji stories. The story revolves around the journey to find King Kelana Sewandana adored girl, accompanied by horsemen and patih faithful, Pujangganong. When the choice fell on the daughter of the king of Kediri, Dewi sanggalangit, the goddess gives the condition that he will accept his love when the king was willing to create a new art. From there created Reog Ponorogo. Reyog letters represent a future letter words in the song macapat Pocung which reads: Pain ballad / soul Ingwang noble civilization / Yang Widhi / Sports kridaning Gusti / degree roll kersaning Kang Almighty. Mystical element is a spiritual force that gives breath to the art Reog Ponorogo.

Warok until now still have a place as an elder in the community. Proximity to the spiritual world often make a Warok asked his advice on the handle of tranquility or spiritual life. A Warok reputedly had to master what is called Reh Kamusankan True, the path of true humanity. 

Warok is the army that relies on the truth in the battle between good and evil in the story of art was born. Old Warok pengayom figures, while Warok Warok Young is still in its early stages study. Until now, Warok perceived as a figure who cast must have certain supernatural powers.Not even a little story about life Warok bad. Warok is the figure with the stereotype: wearing shorts, dressed in black, has a supernatural and gemblakan.Menurut Warok elders, known Kasni Gunopati or Mbah Wo Cats, Warok not a arrogant because of its strengths. Warok is a person who has a holy determination, ready to provide guidance and protection unconditionally."It comes from the word Warok wewarah. Warok is wong kang wewarah wealthy. That is, a person becomes Warok being able to give guidance or instruction to others about the good life "." Iku Warok saka wong kang wus full sakabehing behavior, Ian wus menep ing sense "(Warok is a person who was perfect in his behavior, and until on the deposition of the mind).
Conditions became Warok
Warok must run behavior. "Condition, the body must be clean because it will be filled. Warok should be able to curb all passion, hunger and thirst, nor come into contact with women.Another requirement, a candidate must provide a Warok rooster, 2.5-meter cloth, pandanus mats, and salvation together. After that, candidates will be forged with a variety Warok kanuragan science and mysticism. Having declared the master of science, he then confirmed as a true Warok. He obtained a weapon called the drawstring will, like long white rope, the mainstay weapon Warok. Warok true at the present time only the legend remains. Some groups Warok in certain areas there are still holding fast to their culture and still be viewed as someone who is elder and respected, sometimes even government officials always ask for his blessing.
In addition to all the requirements that must be lived by those Warok, hereinafter referred to as Gemblakan emerged. Formerly known for its many gemblak Warok, namely men aged 12-15 years a dozen years berparas handsome and manicured to be maintained as kelangenan, which sometimes is more cherished than his wife and children. Maintaining a tradition that has been gemblak is deeply rooted in the community of artists reog. For a Warok it is normal and socially acceptable. Warok fellow allegedly collided his supernatural powers to fight once a gemblak craving and besides occasional borrowing gemblak. Costs incurred for a gemblak Warok not cheap. When gemblak Warok who maintain the school must finance the purposes of schooling in addition to feed and shelter. Whereas if gemblak not in school then every year Warok give a cow. In the tradition brought by Ki Ageng Suryongalam, supernatural powers can be obtained if a Warok not willing to have sex with women. It is a requirement which supposedly originated from the teacher's orders to obtain supernatural powers.
Obligation to maintain any Warok gemblak believed to be able to maintain its miracle. In addition there are strong beliefs among Warok, intimate relationships with women that even with his own wife, could wear off the entire kesaktian Warok. Mutual love, affection and try to please is a characteristic of the special relationship between gemblak and waroknya. Gemblakan practices among Warok, identified as homosexual practices because Warok mengumbar should not lust for women.
Currently it has been a shift in relation to gemblakan. In the present gemblak difficult to find.Gemblak maintain tradition, has increasingly faded. Gemblak usually portrayed as a former dancer jatilan (kuda lumping), its role is now replaced by young girls. Whereas previously this art was displayed without a woman.
Reog in the present 
Artists Reog Ponorogo graduates of art schools also provide touch on the development of dance reog ponorogo. Art school students to introduce the art of the stage and aesthetic movements koreografis therefore be reog ponorogo with festivals such as the current format. There is the story line, the sequence of whom appear first, namely Warok, then jatilan, Bujangganong, Klana Sewandana, then suddenly Peacock Barongan or at the end. When one of these elements in action, other elements come to move or dance but not prominent. Several years ago the Foundation initiated the founding of Reog Ponorogo Reog Nusantara Society, whose members consist of reog groups from various regions in Indonesia who had taken part in the National Reog Festival. Reog ponorogo become very open to enrichment and changes in range of motion.