Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Green Canyon" - exoticism in the North West Java

IN the West Java area, namely in rural areas Cijulang in Pangandaran, there is a unique tourist site called Green Canyon. In accordance with its name, the Green Canyon does have a resemblance to the Grand Canyon in Colorado, United States. In the local area, the Green Canyon itself known by the name of which means Cukang Taneuh Land Bridge.

Green Canyon name is actually derived from two European tourists in the mid-1990s trip down the river in the village tour Cijulang. Did not expect to find such an exotic panorama, the two tourists are then stunned the natural beauty that they will encounter in these rivers. Because his admiration for the natural river which according to them Cijulang similar canyons in the Grand Canyon exotic, they finally named the area with the "Green Canyon".
Taneuh Cukang name itself comes from the local community in this area because there is a bridge from the bottom section of land there stalagnit stalagnit-hanging and dripping water from the roots of perennial plants on a land bridge.
Exotica GreenSensation of Green Canyon, in addition to the resemblance to the Grand Canyon is a green color of the river but when we swim in it we will see the clarity of the water. Not only that, venturing down a winding river that is filled with stunning scenery will make the trip unforgettable.
Green Canyon Tours will start from a pier located on the village edge Cijulang coastal road to Batu Karas. Located about 30 kilometers from the town of Pangandaran. After buying a ticket for Rp 75,000 per boat, visitors will be brought down to the river with a boat motor with a capacity bercadik maximum 6 people. At the school holidays or weekends, visitors should be a little patient to get a boat. But not to worry, because the officers will arrange the distribution of tourist attractions, distributing boat boat numbers when we bought the tickets. Visitors just be patient waiting for his number was called.


During the tour, visitors can enjoy the scenery of forests around rivers. If you berutung, then you will be able to see wild animals such as lizards and monkeys. Do not hesitate to ask questions about anything related to Green Canyon in the boat officers because they would be happy to assist us with providing information. If they saw a monitor lizard or a monkey, they will also tell on the visitors and will soon direct the boat on these wild animals so that your visitors can easily take pictures.
Mystery soakedIn the beginning of the journey down the river by boat, we can see some boats returning from their trip. Many of these boats which brought the family entourage. Of foreign tourists to groups of young children. The contrast of them is usually the group of foreign tourists and young kids always come back with their clothes were soaked, or even their shirts off.
While the local tourist group consisting of the family will usually come back with clothes that are neat. This made us become more curious. What actually happens at the end of this river?What makes these people so drenched foreign tourists while we stay dry?
After nearly 15 minutes guests invited along the river by boat, the boat will arrive at a point where visitors must continue the journey without a boat. Rivers will be looking increasingly narrow and the walls began to replace the high stone forest scenery in the surrounding rivers.Scenery will be a little more creepy. But for us, this journey became more and more exciting.Point where the boat had to stop this is what is called Cukang Taneuh. Visitors can view beautiful stalagnit-stalagnit that hangs above them-complete with running water running from the roots of the tree above him.
And then we would know it at this point that most of the local tourist group consisting of the families did not continue the journey. For them to continue the journey by swimming may be risky for their children because the terrain is quite heavy. As for visitors who enjoy the adventure extreme, this would be a challenge that must be answered.