Friday, July 30, 2010

Watu Ulo Jember coast east coast Java, is formed by a snake and stone

Watu Ulo Watu Ulo in Javanese language means and Snake Stone A beautiful beach located in the south of the town of Jember, precisely in the small town of Ambulu.Watu Ulo is a favorite tourist destination for muddy and surrounding communities.


It is said that this beach has a legend in the antiquity. From the story the story of parents can we obtain various kinds About a Giant Dragon that transformed into a guardian of land south coast of Java, which states that there is a very large snake, its tail is located in the coastal town of Banyuwangi is marked with the type waves in this region which tends Snatch ( Unread java: like moving heads), so that may be harmful to visitors on the beach. Then the body of the snake was in Watu Ulo itself, so that types like rolling waves, the waves here are classified as malignant, so the area including the area off limits to visitors to the beach for swimming. And the serpent's head is located in the city Puger, so the type of waves in this region tend to annex (Unread java: like a mouth to eat) But it was all just a legend, may believe it should not because I myself have not received a proof of evidence of the truth. certainly some people still think that first really exist. Apart from all that is certain coastal areas remains a Prima Donna Watu Ulo for young people in this area.
Maybe it has become a mascot of a tourist destination so that if in certain events such as the new year or the night before Eid Takbir and idhul adha Watu Ulo beach visitors are always in the assault. During the high tide, waves tend to be malignant Watu Ulo beach and the manager forbids visitors to bathe at the beach. 

If your taking the time to go to the muddy and Watu Ulo stopped by a family or with your loved ones I recommend to bring a head covering if you want to play on the beach in the daytime, because the hot sun during the day is hot enough for those of you who want to disana.Danswimmers are advised to continue to the Cape Papuma because in terms of regional security Papuma more safety to conduct a bath in the sea, because the waves are relatively small, there are also tires and boat rentals for visitors who want to see the beauty of the beach from the sea.Watu Ulo of your stay to continue the journey following the path of a mountain climb, and we charged admission, more secure if we use the vehicles 'double axle', the journey will be very exciting, we can see the beauty of the two beaches (Ulo and Papuma watu) from the mountain . This is one of the beauty of God's Creation which is great, you can see here.
Cost If calculated counting the cost for one person if you use their own vehicle,
Sign Watu Ulo Beach area Rp.5000 Sign region Rp.5000 Papuma So the total is only about IDR 10,000 per person we are able to enjoy the beauty of this very exotic. Rp.2000 car parking fee To be honest I am actually personally acknowledge Watu Ulo beach compared to similar places like Ancol, kute, etc. Pangandaran. (We hope that an objective assessment hehe). Distance from the town of Jember approximately 50 KM
But for visitors who want to swim can be free to swim in the white sand beaches of Cape Papuma located not far from the beach watu Ulo, just have a little journey down the mountainside. From the city of Jember, you can continue the trip overland to the city next Ambulu directly at Watu Ulo, access roads to this place is very good.