Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Send SMS Free And Can Accept recent reply

Thanks to HP damage. So looking for solutions to send an SMS. And finally I discover that the Web also provides facilities and a delicious FreeSMS can not accept replies How steady it.Save pulses can be cool ... way too simple gag pake code should state all just numbers.

This facility is provided by  FreeSMS4USimply try was, While Free!!

How to Send SMS1.Immediately wrote to  FreeSMS4U.2.Then in this dialog box type the text of his Direct and target phone numbers

3Now when I see the panel below it
.Capture here we stay the same clicking Figures Click on the box.then when the same as the picture above, we live click numbers 22 Or if confused see  DISINI
Replies SMS check
1.click this:  http://www.freesms4us.com/reply.php
2.Now in the dialog box like the picture. Simply type the SMS recipient number we previouslyMake it easy 
  1. 221I've tried ... SMS was also quick to ...
So, what are you waiting just try it, while for FREE! First!