Saturday, July 17, 2010

Accelerating way Shut Down / Restart in Windows XP

I'm sure! from the title of my friends already know the benefits of it? right .. These are tips to speed up or shut down Windows in a relatively very fast. You could say this means "crazy" in shutting down the computer after CPU reset button. Within three seconds, your computer can "sleep well". not believe?
Well to do point aja nih.
01. Open Task Manager or tengtop computer (read: laptop) of your button by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL simultaneously, but hand in hand.
02. Task Manager will be out the box like the picture below.


03. Click the Shut Down menu.
04. To be able to die quickly, press and hold down the CTRL key and hold select Turn Off, or select Restart to restart your computer quickly.
05. Look and see, guaranteed to your computer will be "killed" quickly.
I am not responsible for this post later if your operating system problem. But so far, my computer is still enjoy-enjoy it, good-tasting