Sunday, July 25, 2010

ujung genteng beach save the sea green turtle

"Edge genteng" has nothing to do with the "roof of the house", but it is a beach in the south of Sukabumi renowned as a beautiful place. According to the story,Ujung genteng name itself comes from the word "tip scissors", which means a place located at the corner or edge of the island in West Java, which is shaped like scissors, so is called this place as Edge Scissors or commonly referred to as  Ujung genteng .


 Ujung genteng Beach 
Ujung genteng  Beach in Sukabumi District, located about 135 km from the town of Sukabumi, about 200 km from Jakarta, is within a 6-7 hour car journey time. This place can be achieved through Jampangkulon - Surade, the nearest district capital. Vehicles can easily reach the Coast Edge tiles, there are even public transport to the Edge tiles. Only transport from Ujung genteng to other places is still limited, because the condition of roads and bridges that have not been awakened.However, this condition does not reduce the attractiveness of Edge tiles, especially for special interest tourists. 
On the Edge tiles are also lined the beautiful beaches and unspoiled beauty and uniqueness that has unparalleled. In addition to their own tiled Edge Beach, other beaches are beautiful and the potential is inclined Kalapa Beach (Palm Lean) a craggy, Batununggul Beaches and beach-place world-class surfing, beach Pangumbahan - famous as a place of green turtles lay eggs, Kris Stone Beach, Beach Aquarium and many more. Not to mention the rivers, estuaries, waterfalls, plantations, where the fish auction which is also interesting to visit.
 Ujung genteng Beach is the main attraction and also the service center for tourists who come.Generally, lodging facilities, restaurants, shops, grocery stores are there on the beach (and also partly on the Beach Kalapa inclined). Shape resembling a peninsula, with some facing east and west part, makes this place interesting to watch the sunrise (sunrise) and sunset (sunset).  Ujung genteng Coast fishermen park their boats and then sell their catch at TPI. Very interesting to see the events fishermen with their boats back and forth, and offered to bring his catch of fish in the TPI.

Sunset on the Beach Kalapa inclined A little farther than this beach lined beaches, such as Cut and Coral Coast Beach Kalapa inclined to coral reefs at low tide which can be seen clearly. The water is crystal clear and clean sandy beaches which is very interesting to tour the beach and watch the sun set over the western horizon. Around the coast there are guesthouses and homestay is clean and affordable price. With a range of Rp. 60 000-USD. 150 000 / tourist rooms has been able to stay somewhere clean and convenient, such as Pondok Hexa, Mama's Inns, Villa Ujang, Deddy Inns and others. Homestay is also have a restaurant. Some residents owned shops are also available at this beach.

Surfer on the Beach Batununggul Approximately one kilometer from the beach Kalapa inclined, there is a beach of coral-reef aquarium is shaped like a fishbowl boxes. This beach is located adjacent to the beach Batununggul which is home to world-class surfers "surfing fun." On this beach a lot of foreign tourists (especially) doing sports surfing. Waves were very supportive for surfing. Class surfers are generally adept at surfing in this place. His movement was very good at looking really impresses our eyes. So skillful they follow meandering waves. In this beach is also available homestay which is commonly used by surfers from around the world to live. They can stay a minimum of 7 days on this beach and spend the day just for surfing.

Beach Batununggul From Coast to Coast Batununggul Ujung genteng have a crystal clear sea water and big waves are not too dangerous to tourists who want to swim at the beach because the sea was blocked cluster of coral-about 200 meters before the coastline. Extends along the shoreline of about 6 km. At high tide the water meets the shore with a depth of 0.5 to 1 meter, ideal for bathing, playing a rubber boat, as well as other maritime activities. Pangumbahan beach has white sand smooth wide nan. This beach is famous as a breeding place of the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas). Of 7 (seven) species of sea turtles in the world, six (of six) of them are in Indonesia. Time out from sea turtles to lay eggs (in the beach sand) to date can not be controlled by humans mainly area managers. Those turtles are only wanted to ride to the beach if the beach in the dark and desolate, and this usually occurs at about midnight.
Beach Pangumbahan This condition makes the turtle nesting area managers often prevents people / visitors will disturb the sea turtle will lay eggs. Turtles as a tourist attraction to this day still has not actually designed to serve as a tourist attraction. Development of sea turtles in Pangumbahan more emphasis to the function of research and technological development of turtle conservation. At night we get there, unfortunately there is no rising sea turtle and lay eggs on this beach.Officers explained that indeed the number of sea turtle nesting beach and climbed into already began to decrease compared to five years ago. Light (lights from the lodge / house / month and also a flashlight) and tight sound that was often discouraged turtle-turtle for a ride to the beach and eventually find another beach. To reach the beach Pangumbahan and also other beaches in the area of  Ujung genteng fourwheeldrive usually tourists using the car that carried his own, or rent a motor that is managed by a motorcycle taxi driver ojeg Tourism Organization (OPOW). The driver is pretty neat ojeg teroganisisasi and offer services to bring tourists to the beaches there are in the area of  Ujung genteng. Ojeg drivers are friendly and also serves as a guide, can show interesting places for tourists. The author was escorted by Pak Yanto which is also the chairman OPOW. He is very kind and polite and even remind the better clothes and shoes worn at the beach into the Rock and Beach Keris through grassland and scrubland. Beach and adjacent coast Kris Stone has reefs and waves big enough and a place of sport fishing and surfing. Seven Waves beach called, because supposedly the top of the waves could reach seven successive fruit, making it very suitable for surfing locations. Unfortunately, the achievement of this coast is still quite difficult. By using the motor motorcycle taxi, this place can be achieved approximately 1.5 hours from Ujung Beach Roof Tiles, through palm plantations, weeds, and cultivated population, and across three rivers which happened to be receding with no bridges. According to our motorcycle taxi driver, during the rainy season, carried by the motor motorcycle taxi driver needs to cross the river!
Kris Stone Beach View at the beach and Kris Stone Beach is very beautiful .. nan sea-blue carpet and sandy beaches and craggy make this place feel spectacular .. especially as he heard the sound of the sound of waves breaking on the shore reefs. Some anglers seem fun of fishing while standing on the reef without any fear at all. Cimandiri estuary, which is a meeting between the lSamudra Cimandiri Indonesia also has a gorgeous view, especially at sunset. Stretches of white sand and crashing waves serve really beautiful scenery. Along this river upstream could be part of an exciting adventure.

Estuary Cimandiri In addition there are also Cipanarikan Estuary, which is a meeting place for Cipanarikan River with the sea. These rivers form the grooves before turning into the sea, forming a fairly broad sand with very fine sand forms. In the estuary Cipanarikan tourists can find various fauna such as crab, grouse, lizards and fish who live in the estuary, including ornamental fish are colorful and free-swimming on the sidelines of the reef.

Curug Cikaso 
If tired or lack interest in the beach, in the region this  Ujung genteng we can also visit the waterfalls and along the river up to the midriff or estuary. Cikaso Curug is one of many waterfalls are visited by tourists. Relatively easy to achieve them, from the parking lot of vehicles, visitors can choose to walk through the fields of population, or with boats leased from residents and along the river downstream towards Cikaso. Travel by boat up the very pleasant, quiet streams and views on both sides of the river is very interesting and beautiful to behold. Waterfall itself is quite high, unfortunately when authors visit there (in August) is the dry season, and already four months of no rain, so there is no flow of water in the waterfall. It should tourists pay attention to the times when it come to visit tourist attractions like waterfalls.
Cikaso River The beauty of tile Ujung Beach area is very attractive and still original. Although facilities are limited and not bermewah-luxurious, but still quite adequate. For those who like the natural beach and adventure, Ujung  genteng Coast region will be the perfect destination choice. Although situated on the edge, but the tour in this area as there is no end-endless!