Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Create Own Theme HP.

Exciting is not it if you have a theme hp own creations. But what do yach?. Quiet, of course there is. If you're browsing for find out about how to create HP's own theme, probably most of you can only manufacture info online at certain websites is not it?. Now, if you are dizzy again looking for ways to make their own creations without having to themes online. You are not wrong when he again read this article!. Because this time I would love to know good software to create their own themes hp.
Introducing,  "mTC (my Theme Creatore)", here it is software that you can use to create their own theme creation. But this software only for Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phone only. and you also have this one “Java for Windows”
Ok, without further ado we immediately wrote

Install "Java for Windows" and then "MTC". But when installing the "MTC" we must be in a state connected or online.
After the install is complete start deh create your own theme.
Open its MTC software.
(Assuming we use the nokia 6300). Click the "device selection" to select the type of hp you want. Double-click on the type of hp where you want.
afterwards. You can click menu "Theme Settings" to set the background, font color, etc. lines.
Well, this is the hard part. if the size of background images that we use has not been adjusted to the provisions of the background on the theme, the theme could have become corrupted and unusable. But still, because in this MTC software, has been provided to simplify the menu we set the size of the image.
From the "Theme Settings" move to the menu "Graphics Editor" to set the size of the image to fit.How:Hp theme 'you have multiple display screen similar to the front. View menu. Views sms, music player, radio, etc., (see picture above).All that we shall fox with a background image we want. Mau pake photos of you?. Tetu just can too.Suppose we want to change the background on the music player.
Stay select "image layout" to determine which part we want to change the background. For example select '(radio_audio_bg) _audio_bg ", to change the background music player on the display with the image we want. Do I click "open" to search for images and click "open" again to open the image. Then, In the menu "adjustments", select "Resize (Scale to Fit)" to adjust the image size. Then select "Save Image & Apply" to save the image and then use it as background music player on display earlier.Example result like this:
Use the same way on another display such as a radio show, sms, softkey (key background Options button, menu, exit) etc..After all it is set to finish just save lives that you have a theme setting. Click File and then click save as and click Save to save the theme of the place you want. Then try to insert into your hp and then apply the theme.If not try to understand the exercise several times, surely you will understand by itself. Ok.You can also download sample themes (Death_Note) that I made  DI SINI.adding all adds to the theme. rather is it a free download.Among first yach!.
Good luck, Godspeed, and Good Work!