Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Play Nintendo Games on Cell Phone

Did you know you can play gameboy / Nintendo games on your phone? To play Nintendo games on your phone, you need an emulator, called vNes. 
vNes is the NES emulator for mobile phonesThis allows you to play 8-bit Nintendo games on your phone. You can put games from thousands of ROM in your pocket, play them anytime and anywhere, with fun and excitement. 
You can download the emulator from here. 

After downloading the J2ME emulator VNES what we do next? Because J2ME is not able to access resources outside the JAR, we must build ROM files into JAR. Use this tool you want.
 1. List of files in your ROM package.txt. Do not add. "Nes"
 2. Copy the ROM files to directory "ROM". Make sure they all end up with. Nes 
 3. Run makejar.bat, you'll get vnes.jar 
 4. Vnes.jar Send to phone

Features vNes Symbian and Symbian S60v3 vNes 

  • Bluetooth multiplay. 
  • ZIP format support. 
  • Supports Thousands ROM 
  • Customizable controls. Provide automatic key AA / BB, 8 directions key, and TRIGGER KEY that can let shoot without press the button below. 
  • Perfect poll. In Series 60, you can enjoy 16KHz game sound without losing any speed. 
  • Multi-bahasa.menerjemahkan into different languages. "Affection Indonesia Blum" 
  • Very small application sis in size. You only need save memory for the ROM. 
  • Adjustable game speed. 
  • Each rom with 5 storage / load slots. 
  • Save game picture as BMP. You can create your own desktop picture with your favorite games. 
  • Record game sound as WAV. You can make your favorite phone music. 

Features vNes J2ME 

  • Mode of different screens and you can even rotate the screen according to your phone (eg MotoE680). One key / touch to switch fullscreen. 
  • Hue, Tint, Black & White adjusted. 
  • Customizable controls. Provide automatic key AA / BB, and TRIGGER KEY that can let shoot key down without press shoot key all the time. 
  • Low memory usage. It only requires enough memory for the ROM and displays the data. If the rom has 40K and display area of 128x128, it needs about 100K memory. 
  • The application is very small. You only need save memory for the ROM. 
  • Adjustable game speed. 
  • Each rom with 10 storage / load slots. 
  • Provides storage / load key. You can use one touch to save 
Supported By vNes phone Symbian 1.6 

  • Nokia: 6600, 7610, NGage, NGageQD, 6630, 6680, 6681, 3230, 6620, 6670, N70 ... 

Phones that are supported by Symbian S60v3 1.70 vNes
  • Nokia: 3250, 5500, 5700, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93, N95, E50, E60, E61, E70

The J2ME version Fully Supported Devices (with FPS> = 30) 

  • Nokia: 6260 (48), 7610 (35), 6600 (30) 
  • Motorola: E680 (84), A768 (56), A768i 
  • Sony-Ericsson: K700 (35), K700c, K700i, K500 (70), K500i, K500c 

Mobile phone that is fully supported by this version of J2ME Devices 

  • Nokia: 6230 (18), 3650 (18), 6670, 7270, 7260, 9300, 6170, 6630, 3220, 6255, 9500, 6620, 5140, 7700, N-Gage, N-Gage QD, 3620, 3660, 3600, 7650 
  • Motorola: V303 (1), A630, A760, A830, A845, A860, A890, A1000, C380, C385, C650, C975, E390, E398, E1000, MPX200, MPX220, RAZR V3, V3, V80, V180, V220, V300, V400, V500, V501, V525, V551, V600, V690, V820, V870, V872, V875, V878, V880, V1000, i325, i730, i830, i860 
  • Sony-Ericsson: F500i, K506c, K508c, P900, P908, P910c, P910i, S700c, S700i, S710a, Z1010, Z500a 
  • Alcatel: OT557, OT735i 
  • Dopod: 515, 535, 696 
  • NEC: c313, c616, e228, e313, e616, N620 
  • Samsung: SGH-D418, SGH-E318 
  • Siemens: C65, M65, S65, ST60