Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunset On the Beach Bandengan Jepara

After enjoying a variety of fun games at the Beach Bandengan till dusk, it's time you enjoyed a stunning performance at this beach. This is a stunning natural performances, namely the setting of the sun or a sunset. You can admire the beauty of the sun on the way perhentiannya at dusk.The reflection of sunlight that faded look at the sea water with a quiet wave in this Bandengan Beach. Moments like this are often perpetuated by the photographers who happened to stop at the Beach Bandengan Jepara.

You can also enjoy panoramic views of the sunset is a sunset or while enjoying the food served in restaurants are on the lips Bandengan Coast. One well-known restaurant in this beach is the Sunset Beach Restaurant, founded by Italian citizens who have wives of local residents. 

The restaurant is frequented by foreign tourists. You can enjoy a pizza which is a typical Italian food, seafood and Indonesian cuisine while enjoying the panoramic beauty of the sunset and hear the sound of waves on the beach. If you eat at one restaurant on the beach Bandengan, then you can go for free to Bandengan Beach attractions.

If you're tired and want to rest, at the beach villa or Bandengan also offered accommodations for rent. After resting for the night, in the morning you can enjoy panoramic sunrise servings Bandengan Coast.Bandengan beach tourism object is not difficult to visit. Jepara regency government has provided a good road facilities and transportation that is easy to Bandengan Beach attractions. So, if you're in Central Java, there is no harm in you come to Jepara. As he saw the beauty of carvings typical of Jepara, you can also stop at the tourist attraction that is the mainstay of Jepara Regency Beach Bandengan or also known as Ocean Beach Tirta.
History Bandengan BeachAccording to stories handed down, the name first given Bandengan Coast by the son of Amir Hasan, Sunan Muria is now developing the science of religion will travel to the Islands karimunjawa. When they reached the shore, they found many fish Milkfish so-called Village Bandengan region. Beaches in the village was finally named Bandengan Beach.
On the beach has also become a favorite place of National Hero who began the emancipation of women is RA Kartini was the daughter of the regent of Jepara at the time. R.A. Kartini's frequent trips to the beach along with the nobles of the Netherlands at the time.
White Sand Beach lush

You can enjoy the panorama of crystal clear beaches and white sand. In addition, you can also enjoy the pandanus trees or a clump of trees along the coast of Jepara Bandengan or also known as the Coastal Ocean Tirta. Bandengan Beach has the structure of sloping beach and crystal clear water and clean. Therefore, this beach is perfect for a beach resort such as swimming, playing beach volleyball, boating, or just biking on the beach.

In addition, the condition is relatively quiet north coast of Java makes this beach is relatively safe to enjoy the game on the edge of the sea or swimming. Even when you dip into the clear sea water, you can see the little fish are running in the bottom of the sea water.

Bandengan beach frequented by a unique natural atmosphere. You can find the atmosphere of an extensive white sand beaches. Then you too can enjoy the beauty of crystal clear seawater.As well as interesting is the stretch of lush and green trees around the coast. Of course this made the atmosphere in Côte Bandengan so cool and comfortable. The beauty of the beach here can rival the beauty of the beaches in Bali.

You can also visit the island in the middle of the ocean from the beach Bandengan. The island that you can visit from here that is Long Island. In this island you can see the beautiful natural wealth of flora and fauna is fascinating. You can visit this island with a relatively low cost. You can also get around the beach by renting a boat or ship is ready to take you around the beach while enjoying the natural beauty of the Coast Bandengan.