Saturday, October 23, 2010

Account Linking up With Skype

If you are skype users then you can now link your facebook to skype.First of course update first skype installed on your computer to your latest version. Then follow these steps to connect a facebook account with skype:

After you finish updating skype to the latest version, click on the View menu
facebook updates
Then click again the menu up for Updates
See News Feed in SkypeNow click the button See News Feed in Skype.
If you are not logged on facebook facebook when connecting with skype then you will be prompted to log terlebuh first. Enter your username or e-mail and password.
Click the button allow if you are asked to agree to link your facebook account with skype.
Depending on your internet connection, feeds from facebook will be loaded by skype for some time. now after you've successfully linked your facebook account with skype.