Thursday, October 21, 2010

cuban rondo goddess who wait

Enjoy a tour that offers a scenic waterfall "Coban", particularly in the area of Malang, East Java, it is quite a lot.

Call it Coban Pelangi is located in the Village Hut Klakah, District Poncokusumo or right at the foot of Mount Semeru, and Coban Glotak Dalisodo located in the Village, District Wagir which is about 13 km from Malang.
However, from all the tourist offer of Coban, the majority quite difficult to reach by public transport or private vehicles such as cars, because the road leading to the venue is still shaped macadam trail or just right and the left side is still filled jungle. 

Still do not get discouraged, because there is one that has wanawisata Coban easy access to travel, either using a private vehicle or by public transportation. Wanawisata it is "Coban Rondo" (widow waterfall) is located about 12 km from Stone Town, precisely in the village Pandesari, Pujon district, Malang regency.

If using public transport to get to the location is quite taken with a half-hour from downtown Malang Malang majoring with a bus from the terminal Landungsari-Kediri, Malang. The cost is quite cheap, namely Rp2.500, 00/person.

Meanwhile, if taken from the city of Surabaya, Malang majoring use the buses from several main terminal, at a cost Rp8.000, 00/orang. Then, get off at Terminal Arjosari, Malang, then continue the journey with major public transportation terminal and costs Landungsari Rp1.500, 00/person.

From Landungsari, then use a bus that passes through Pujon Kediri destination and get off at the Cow statue which is the gateway wanawisata Coban Rondo, which is only a cost Rp2.500, 00/person. From that place, available motorcycles are ready to take down to the location of the waterfall.

"The entrance to the site is paved, making it easier for us who want to visit this wanawisata object," says Linda, a visitor who brought a group from Surabaya by car type this MPV. 

Linda explains, entrance location is not to spend big enough, namely Rp8.000, 00/pengunjung. Meanwhile, if using the vehicle will be charged again Rp 2,000.00 / motorcycle, and Rp5.000, 00/car. "This ticket also includes insurance and costs of forest conservation Mas!," He explained.

Meanwhile, before the encounter waterfalls, visitors will be treated to beautiful views of the region, such as pine trees and pine mountains that make the atmosphere of the place seemed cool.

In addition, other bids, such as children's playground, lodging and a variety of crops and food shops are lined up neatly alongside the established parking area wanawisata This will make the saturation that has been settled will disappear instantly.

"The atmosphere is very natural here, enough support to release the fatigue of a busy city residents, plus the facilities seemed to make the saturation activity outside will be lost," said one tourist Sulistiyo Madison.

Based on data of Malang Regency Government information, attractions waterfall has a height of 60 meters from ground level and 1135 meters from sea level, the first built in 1980, and is part of the territory of the Unitary Pemangkuan Forest (KPH), Perhutanioffice Malang.

The statistics are mentioned, Coban Rondo has a water discharge 150 liters / sec, while during the dry season only 90 liters / sec.

In addition to being a tourist destination, Coban Rondo is also used for the management of drinking water through public taps for Pujon district, Malang regency.


Meanwhile, Cuban Rondo named because of the legend behind the naming of these unique, it is like a board that was on the corner of the trail access road to the location of this tour. 

Which originated from a pair of bride who had just married, the bridal couple bride named Goddard Anjarwati originating from Gunung Kawi and the bride her male named Raden Baron Kusumo from Mount Pearl.

In the age of marriage is still stepping on 36 days or so called "Selapan" (Java), Dewi Anjarwati invites her husband's visit to Mount Pearl which is the origin of her husband.

However, parents Anjarwati prohibits both families left because they were young age of marriage. Although banned, the bride and groom are adamant and determined to go with any risks that occur later.

Along the way, both were surprised by the presence of Joko Lelono unclear origin. Apparently, Joko Lelono Anjarwati enamored with the beauty Goddess, and tried to capture it.

As a result, a fight between Joko Lelono with Raden Baron Kusumo (Anjarwati husband) is not inevitable.Meanwhile, based on advice Goddess husband who told the aides who accompany the bride and groom are, for Goddess Anjarwati hidden somewhere contained in Coban or waterfall.

While in a fight between Raden Joko Lelono Baron Kusumo with it, they both fall and die. As a result, Goddard Anjarwati become a "rondo" (widow).

From this legend, Coban or hide underneath a waterfall known as the Goddess Anjarwati Coban Rondo.Meanwhile, the supposedly big rock under the waterfall cuban rondo is the seat of the princess (Goddess Anjarwati) are waiting for her husband.