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How to Know Hacking Wireless / WiFi / Hotspot and trick

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)
Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a wireless connection such as mobile phones using radio technology so that users can transfer data quickly. Wi-Fi not only allows you to access the Internet, Wi-Fi can also be used to create wireless networks in the enterprise. Because of that many people associate with Wi-Fi "Freedom" because Wi-Fi technology gives freedom to users to access the Internet or transferring data from themeeting room, hotel rooms,  , and cafes are marked "Wi-Fi Hot Spot."
Wi-Fi was originally intended for the use of wireless devices and Local Area Network (LAN), but now more widely used to access the Internet. This allows anyone with  with a wireless card (wireless card) or personal digital assistant (PDA) to connect to the internet using access point (or known ashotspots) nearby.


Wi-Fi was designed based on the IEEE 802.11 specification. Today there are four  of 802.11, as follows: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. Specifications b is the first Wi-Fi products. The variation of g and n is one product that has the most sales in 2005.
Specifications Wi-Fi
802.11b11 Mb / s2.4 GHzB
802.11a54 Mb / s5 GHzA
802.11g54 Mb / s2.4 GHzb, g
802.11n100 Mb / s2.4 GHzb, g, n

Operational Technically, Wi-Fi is one variant of  and information networks and devices to work on WLAN (  ). In other words, the Wi-Fi is a certification given to the device manufacturer  (Internet) working in WLAN networks and interoperates capacity already meets the required quality.
Technology-based Wi-Fi internet created and developed a group of U.S. engineers who worked at the Institute of Electrical and Electronis Engineers (IEEE) technical standards-based numbered devices 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.16. Wi-Fi devices are not only able to work on WLAN networks, but also on network Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN).
Because the device with the technical standard 802.11b WLAN devices intended for use in the 2.4 GHz frequency or frequencies, commonly called ISM (Industrial, Scientific and edical). As for the technical standards 802.11a and 802.16 WMAN or destined for the device is also called Wi-Max, who works in the vicinity of 5 GHz frequency band.

Wi-Fi Advantages
High public interest-particularly among the community of Internet-using Wi-Fi technology because at least two factors.
  1. ease of access. This means that users in one area can access the Internet simultaneously without having to be bothered with cables.
  2. users who want to do surfing or browsing news and information on the Internet, simply bring the PDA (pocket digital assistance) or Wi-Fi enabled laptop into a place where there is access point or hotspot.
The proliferation of hotspots in places such-built by operators  , Internet service providers and even individual-triggered second factor, namely because construction costs are relatively cheap or only around 300 dollars U.S.. Also one of the advantages of Wi-Fi is a speed several times faster than the fastest cable modem. So Wi-Fi users no longer have to be in office space to work
Wi-Fi Hardware
Wi-fi hardware on the market today there is a
Wi-fi in the form of PCI Wi-fi in the form of a USB
There are 2 mode Wi-fi access, ie
This connection mode is a mode where multiple  connected directly, or better known as Peer-to-Peer. Advantages, cheaper and more practical when connected only 2 or 3  , without having to buy an access point
Using the Access Point that serves as a regulator of the data traffic, allowing many clients to connect to each other via a network (Network).
Weakness on wifi
Easily dihacking by hacer to steal user passwords wi-fi
The way is as follows:
First we must know the difference between network Hub and Switch:
* At the network hub of all data flowing on the network can be viewed / picked up by  anywhere on the network asalakan  is requesting data, if not requested it will not come.
* On the network switch only  which exchange of data that can see the data, other komputer2 not entitled to requesting the data.
The problem is the price of routers hubs and switches do not differ much so that most places are now using a switch that makes it difficult for network hacking.
Hacking is using technique:
  • Sniffing
  • ARP Poison Routing
The two techniques above will not be prevented by any firewall on the  victims, guaranteed.
Important Note: ARP Poison Routing can cause denial of service (dos) on one / all the  on your network
  1. It will not be detected by the firewall types and any series because of the weakness lies in not on the computer network system
  2. Could steal all kinds of login passwords through the HTTP server
  3. Can people steal all the login passwords on the network hub for the program is activated
  4. For the ARP Poisoning can be used to steal passwords in HTTPS
  5. All programs free
  6. For network switch must be in the ARP poisoning one by one and your bandwidth will be consumed a lot for it (if inet super fast do not matter)
  7. Caught or not by the network administrator outside of my responsibilities
  8. Start here assume that the network in this story there are 3  , namely:
  9. Computers Victims
  10. Computer Hacker
  11. Servers
First Steps:
  1. 1. Check your network type, you have the network switch / hub. If you are in the network hub thankful because the process of hacking you will be much easier.
  2. 2. Download the required programs of Wireshark and Cain & Abel.Code:

How to Use Wireshark:
  1. Run wireshark program
  2. Press the Ctrl + k (capture and then click option)
  3. Make sure the content on your Card Ethernet interfaces are bound to the network, if not replace and make sure that "Capture packets in promiscuous mode" on
  4. Click the start button
  5. Click the stop button after you feel confident that no password is entered selamaanda pressing the start button
  6. You can see all types of incoming and outgoing packets on the network (or on  you only if your network uses Swtich
  7. To analyze the data right click on the data you want in the analysis and click "Follow TCP Stream" and congratulations to analyze the package (I will not explain how because I can not)
  8. What is clear from the data contained therein must informasi2 entered the victim to the website and vice versa
Way above applies only if your network is not a switch hub From the above you can find out that your network is a hub / switch by looking at the column IP Source and Destination IP. If at each line one of them is your ip it is certain that your network is a network switch, if not ya mean the opposite.
How to Use Cain & Abel:
  • * The use of this program is much easier and simpler than using wireshark, but if you want all packets that have been in and out is recommended that you use wireshark program
  • * Open the program you Cain
  • * Click on the Configure
  • * In the "Sniffer" select ethernet card that you will use * In the "HTTP Fields" you should add your username and password fields his fields if you want is not listed. As an example I'll let you know that if you want to hack Friendster password you have to add in the username fields and fields passworsd word name, for others you can find it by pressing the right click view source and you should seek the input variables from the website login and password. Already in default rasanyan already quite complete, you can steal the pass that is in klubmentari without adding anything.
  • * After that apply and click ok settingannya
  • * On the main menu, there are 8 tabs, and which will be discussed only 1 tab is the tab "Sniffer" because it is select that tab and do not pindah2 from that tab to prevent your own confusion
  • * Activate the Sniffer sniffer by clicking the button at the top tab2 it, find the button that his writings "Start / Stop Sniffer"
  • * If you're at a network hub at this time you already know the password can enter by clicking the tab (this time the tab at the bottom instead of in the middle, the middle is no need to click-click again) "Passwords" * You can just choose a password from which the connection you want to see will already listed there
  • * If you were there at the network switch, it requires more struggle, you must activate the APR which is on the right tombolonya Sniffer (And is not guaranteed to succeed because the manage of the switch is much more comprehensive and secure from the hub)
  • * Before activated at the bottom of the sniffer tab select APR
  • * It will be seen 2 pieces that are still empty list, click an empty part of the list then click the "+" (shaped like it) in the ranks of the sniffer APR etc.
  • * There will be 2 pieces of field containing all the available hosts on your network
  • * Connect the victims ip address ip address and gateway servers (to know the address of the gateway server click start on the comp you select the run type cmd then type ipconfig at a command prompt)
  • * After that activate the APR, and all the data from the comp victim to a server you can see in the same way.
You can run both programs on simultaneously (for APR Cain and wireshark for packet sniffing) if you want maximum results.
Passwords can be stolen is the password in HTTP server (the server is not encrypted), if such data exist on the server that is encrypted then you have to decrypt the data before obtaining the password (and it will require a much longer langkah2 of how to hack this )
For terms that do not understand can be found on wikipedia (but the english indo jg ya if that does not necessarily exist).
Technologically-frequency bands both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, which became operational container technology, Wi-Fi is not free from limitations.
Because the users in a new area can take advantage of wireless Internet system is optimally, when all the devices used in the area using a uniform transmit power and limited.
If the preconditions are not honored, you can bet will happen is not only harmful interference between devices of Internet users, but also with the systems  other.
If interference continues, because users want more superior than other users, and therefore lack of understanding of the limitations of the technology-in the end will make the frequency band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz could not be used optimally.
Another limitation of this second wireless frequency bands (particularly 2.4 GHz) is due also used for ISM (industrial, science and medical).
Consequently, the use of radio communication or any  others working in the frequency band it should be ready to accept interference from ISM devices, as stated in S5.150 of the Radio Regulations.
In the recommendation ITU-R SM.1056, also informed the device characteristics of the ISM which basically aims to prevent occurrence of interference, both between devices with the ISM as well as sharing.
The same recommendation affirms that every member of the ITU-free establish administrative requirements and rules of law relating to mandatory power restrictions.
Recognizing the limitations and the impact that may arise from the use of both of the wireless frequency bands, various countries and impose regulations that limit the transmission power of the devices used.
Wireless Signal
Wireless LAN signals can be captured normally in the range of about 200 meters from the access point, but the client that uses an external antenna to capture signals as far as 1000 meters. If you put AP near door or window, you can bet the neighbors can enjoy Internet access or do sniffing of network traffic.
If the wireless LAN infrastructure that involves wireless connections between tall buildings, then the client is not desirable to do sniffing from the bottom as far as 2,500 feet (762 meters). So even though the ISP's wireless LAN signal to be placed in the tops of tall buildings can be in-sniffing from below (known as the war flying).
If you want the connect internet using wifi while you are away from the AP or wifi is available you can get closer to the area and can play online as much with the following steps
1) You must have a USB Wireless Adapter. Which can be found in stores store  with prices ranging from Rp 210,000 (quite cheap for this sophisticated technology) + UHF antenna parabolic shape.
2) This step is a key step, using a shaped antenna Uhv as Grid Parabolic Reflector to strengthen the signal.
3) To further strengthen the power of parabole reflexy you can add wire netting on the entire surface, lalujangan forget screwing with the order parabola. You can also add aluminum foil.
4) Install a USB WiFi adapter on a pillar in the middle of the dish. If too long the focus can be cut.
Try to keep a USB WiFI is located at the focus of parabola. Remember the focus of parabola formula. If you doubt ya simple formula.
F = D (squared) / 4 (squares). C
D: diameter satellite dish
C: deep dish
5) attach the USB cable (USB 2.0 High Speed cable system) in such a way.
6) Then reinstall the USB wifi support poles on the parabola. Put the iron pipe to facilitate Antenne played so good to play.
7) If you've installed the USB drivers WiFI earlier (factory default).
Then install "NETWORK STUMBLER" to find a strong signal and the closest.
icon cool Cara Mengenal Hacking Wireless/WiFi/Hotspot dan Triknya Connect the antenna outside and insert USB cable in the port  you. Scan pake Net Stumbler. Find a network that guns' in most deket encrypt and the distance with you. Then join .
Access to wifi:
secure, it means to be able to access we have to enter a password
unsecure, meaning we can access the wifi with no need to fill passwords, jd direct connect.
What is unsecure, sometimes also can not access the internet although it can connect to the network. This is because there are IP settings. For servers that use dynamic ip, then we do not have to bother with the ip because ip sdh automatically inserted by the server to the client (our computer).
For servers that use a static ip, then we must manually enter the ip for the computer / laptop we.
If we can connect to wifi tp could not access the internet, try to change our laptop ip. How:
  • Right-click the wifi icon in the bottom right screen
  • select properties
  • select Advanced
  • on the connection select Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)
  • select static ip
  • on the contents ip:
  • Net Mask on the content:
  • on getway contents:
  • on the content server dns:
  • click ok.