Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Optimization of Windows XP, Vista and 7 with Mz Ultimate Tools

Computers that are frequently used or long enough to use and not to be optimized performance is sometimes slower. Not to mention if we included users who often install and try software. The longer the performance is definitely slower. With free software Mz Ultimate Tools, we can optimize windows xp, vista and Windows 7, which includes CPU, RAM, Registry, Startup Manager, Shutdown, Cleaner and many other features.

Mz Ultimate Tools is a collection of free software to improve computer performance. Here are some features of Mz Ultimate Tools:
  • Improving Performance / Performance PC / Computer
  • Speed up games
  • Tweaking windows in accordance with the wishes
  • Improving Security systems
  • Smart management of Memory and Processor
  • Improve network performance (network) and download speeds
  • Optimization and registry backups
  • Deleting temporary files and useless in windows
  • Set the Startup windows and also services
  • Manage the use of power (battery) for laptop / netbook
  • The timing shutdown, and other
Besides available in one complete package with the features above, provided also download each program separately. For example we can download RAM Booster if you just want to optimize use of RAM. Mz Ultimate Booster to improve PC performance in general and others, the following list:
  • Mz Ultimate Booster
  • Game Accelerator Mz
  • Mz CPU Accelerator
  • Mz RAM Booster
  • Mz Ultimate Cleaner
  • Mz Registry Optimizer
  • Mz Registry Backup
  • Mz Services Manager
  • Mz StartUp Manager
  • Mz Shutdown Scheduler
  • Mz Power Manager
If you want to get a complete package, we can choose the operating system is used.


For Windows XP, just download Mz Tweak XP, Windows Vista, Mz Vista Force and for Windows 7, download Mz 7 Optimizer. Each size is only about 2.2 MB and supports both 32-bit operating system autaupun 64 bit (to be able to run this software, the computer must have Microsoft. NET Framework version 2.0 minimum).