Tuesday, October 5, 2010

kediri face the past

ROAD Brantas Old Bridge is the nickname for the Brantas River Bridge is the oldest in Kediri. This is the longest bridge built when compared with the two other bridges, the bridge on the north side and south side.
Age of this bridge to make the City (City Government) Kediri driveway close to the car from the east side, from 06.00 until 18.00, every working day. The consideration is clear, if car left to go on these hours, the bridge was increasingly heavy burden and will be quickly damaged.
Along with his age that has existed since long before 1940, the bridge Brantas was one witness to the history of the struggle towards independence in Kediri and surrounding areas. The bridge was the first place that the Japanese army invaded before control of the entire city of Kediri.

Raid took place on March 5, 1945. Since then, according to books written in Kediri in the Path of History, Colonialism and Independence Period, Japan mencengkeramkan rule in Kediri, and Indonesia in general.
There are two reasons underlying the validity of Japanese power. First, the handover of power in the Netherlands to Japan Ka-lijati, and the second is the issuance of the Act (Act) No. 1 by the Japanese. In Article 1 of the Act was mentioned, the Japanese army establish a military government for a while in the area they occupy.
With that foundation, and strengthened its military device that is much more complete and modern, Japan also built the places important to his administration. One way is to make the fortress-style building on the west side of the old bridge as a warehouse Submachine Kediri.
Holland House was built in 1850 that, in every corner there is the post of defense to oversee the busy traffic on the bridge and the Brantas River, which once used to transport water.
bangunan kuno kediri

Jalan klenteng
Pagoda street

Stasiun kediri lama
jl Dhoho fork kediri station

societeit brantas
Societeit Brantas

societeit brantas
Old bridge in 1955

Pertigaan jembatan lama
Old bridge T-junction

Pertigaan jembatan lama
Old bridge T-junction 1955

ONLY long bridge witness FC legend? Apparently not. Quite a lot of legendary places in œkota tahuâ € â €?this. Only, perhaps because of the legends that have rarely socialized, of society, especially among teenagers, not many know about how to place it in the past.
When examined from the historical narratives that are discussed in the Symposium on History of Kediri in June 1985 and then, a few buildings in the city are important places of the past Kediri.
Pahing Market Regions in Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto, for example, formerly it was not the market. Far from the suspicion of people, Pahing Market complex in 1800 had become the home office that time Kediri Regent, Prince Slamet Poerbonegoro.
Of course young children do not know the past Kediri Pahing Market because the market is now one of the traditional markets are busy. Every morning, between the hours of 05:30 until 09:00, Cokroa Road in the vicinity of Market-minoto Pahing always bogged down by passing vehicles and those who shop.
œSaksiâ € â €? Another history is a former Home Office in Jalan Kediri Resident Attorney General Suprapto No. 2 District Mojoroto. Home office with this courtyard have been built in the 1860s. The reason, in a small house in the yard there is an iron bell that read 1860.
In the era of New Order until the beginning of the reform, the stately home office was used for the Office of the Governor Devel-tu Kediri region. Since bergulirnya regional autonomy in 2001, the office of assistant governor removed so since last year the office was empty alias was used.
Sugar Factory (PG) Meritjan Mrican Village, Mojoroto, also seemed monumental when considering his story in June 1945. When the factory was bombed by B-25 bombers belonging allies. So even with Tri Dharma Shrine building Tjoe Hwie Kiong at Jalan Yos Sudarso, which used to be a representation of the old Chinatown district of Kediri.
How useful are the legacy of traditional architecture and colonial relics? According to Professor of Architecture Faculty of Engineering, University of Diponegoro (Diponegoro University), Hyderabad Prof. Eko Budihardjo Ir MSc, in Indonesia Happenings conservation of such architecture is still a â € œbenda aneh.â €?
In the book Architecture, Development and Conservation "edited Eko mentioned, the conservation of old buildings are often considered to hinder development, or accused of just meeting the demands of nostalgia., in developed countries the built environment conservation has become a separate branch of science. Conservation and development are no longer seen as two conflicting aspects, but rather support each other like two faces of same coin, â €? he said.
Singapore never wrong, because the dismantling of old buildings to make room for new buildings are all modern and technologically sophisticated. Due to her later, foreign tourist arrivals declined because they could no longer enjoy the uniqueness of the lion of the town.
Recognizing this, the Government of Singapore and then promote the preservation or conservation.Whether it's architectural conservation (such as fixed  Raffles Hotel building), as well as its environment (a kind of China Town, Little India and Kampung Melayu).
Consciousness is indeed come too late, but nonetheless the results tereguk well. Now foreign tourists visit to Singapore return to normal rates for a variety of treats. Starting from a face that looks ancient to modern.
Have the City and County of Kediri have awareness of the conservation of architecture and the built environment. It was still far away. Ji-ka for these old buildings and the legend was still intact, it's more because there are no investors who are interested in building a new building there. Not for reasons of conservation.
In addition, there are bureaucratic obstacles that hamper functionalization old building. As the plan to use the governor's former aide office at street Suprapto Attorney General, the authority is still in the hands of the East Java Provincial Government.
âgovernment city can not change or maximize the use of the building was empty because it is still owned by the provincial government, â €? said Head of Sub-Office of Public Relations Government of Kediri Kusharsono.